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Therefore, the RATE Group has already reached their conclusion! No doubt it will produce an imprecise alignment of minerals and whole rocks because of the sample they chose. Although, I cannot be sure about the methods to be used by the RATE Group, I assume that the isochron method of choice will be either K-Ar or the Rb-Sr method simply because they are most affordable.

There are a number of ways to produce bad data in geochronology.

group initially planned to conduct a range of different studies on the cloth, including radio-carbon dating. The six labs that showed interest in performing the procedure fell into two categories, according to the method they utilised: In 1982, the S. The blind-test method was abandoned because the distinctive three-to-one herringbone twill weave of the shroud could not be matched in the controls, and a laboratory could thus identify the shroud sample.

Gove consulted numerous laboratories which were able at the time (1982) to carbon-date small fabric samples. [...] The pressure on the ecclesiastic authorities to accept the Turin protocol have almost approached illegality.

The easiest is to apply the wrong method to the wrong rocks.