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Mr Turnbull appeared perplexed and exasperated that reporters instead wanted to question him about the same-sex marriage stoush engulfing the Federal Liberals — a story that had reached fever pitch overnight after his rebel MPs began canvassing options to introduce a private member's bill and abandon a plebiscite in favour of a conscience vote by the parliament."I think there are a lot of parents watching us today who will be really wondering why it is that not one of the journalists here has got any interest in a program that is going to give up to 120,000 young people on welfare an internship and a job," Mr Turnbull said."They will be really wondering what the priorities are of our friends in the media here versus the Government."The PM was doing what politicians do — muddying the water and portraying the media as out of touch and obsessed with issues of little interest to the broader public."I know you are interested in [the same-sex marriage issue]," Mr Turnbull said.I hear that in addition to killing bad guys they can take out a lot of deer with one launch. Click here to support Margaret and Helen’s website.

Holding gun owners accountable for storing their guns safely from those not legally allowed to use them doesn’t require much deep thought either. MARGARET: Helen, dear, did you know you can buy a Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 designed and built as a true .22 LR semi-auto from the ground up, with all the standard operating features and accessory specifications of a modern-version centerfire M&P15 rifle in various colors including “Pink and Platinum”? I hear they’ll even throw in a few hi-capacity magazines for free.

Creating a market where bullets are more expensive than a Mc Donald’s hamburger might be worth considering as well. However, I am sure if the NRA were totally honest, they would admit to wanting a few rocket launchers on the school lawn as well. Honey, you just can’t separate a discussion on gun control from one on mental illness. La Pierre is just one more asshat to add to our list of many.

The MIDC police station had issued summons to him to appear before the investigating officer Padmakar Deore and give his statement.

Police booked Arunabh for outraging modesty, sexual harassment of the nature of unwelcome physical contact and demand or request for sexual favours.

-- (WPMT) -- A Lancaster Judge ruled that a former Lancaster County high school teacher convicted of sexually abusing two students will get no relief from her state prison sentence.