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These two tied knot, but after four year of married life she filed for divorce.

This relation gave her a beautiful son named Sam who is 12 years old.

But that didn’t stop her from yelling a sarcastic “thank you” from the the Ceaseless Roar, on which his vocal cords still seem to be in mint condition.“I think the more I sing, the better my voice gets,” says Plant, who recorded with his new band, the Sensational Space Shifters, after road-testing the material — Zeppelin-esque rock, occasionally drawing on Celtic and African influences — for the past couple years.

Most of the other artists who have been at this for 40-plus years seem to have run out of gas.

Robert Plant is patiently standing in a spacious dark wood and stained ... of Love" to the previously unissued "Upside Down" and a pre-Zeppelin single dating from 1966.