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That's exactly why the FBI has launched "Operation Romeo and Juliet." To stop lonely love-seekers from sweetheart scams that lead to nothing but heartbreak and significant financial losses.

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While at first glance they may seem another doomed couple, they would undoubtedly understand each other’s needs and desires well, if only they hadn’t led each other down a murderous path.

At the other end of the scale, out of all the possible matches in the Shakespearean couple canon, Hamlet and Desdemona would be the least-compatible couple.

Sweetheart scams work like this: The scammer presents himself or herself as a perfect match to a person online.

Then, the scammer starts preying on a victim's love and trust to bleed bank accounts dry.

Says Carlei: "There was a lot of fine jewelry on belts and bodices in paintings at the time.