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If you need to access My SQL from a C application, or build an interface to My SQL for a language not supported by the Connectors or APIs in this chapter, the C API is where you would start. Also, before posting the bug, check the My ODBC mailing list archive at Specifies whether a ping and a reset should be sent to the server before a pooled connection is returned.

A number of programmers utilities are available to help with the process, and also covered in this section. If you are unable to find out what is wrong, the last option is to create an archive in file that explains the problem. Not resetting will yield faster connection opens but also will not clear out session items such as temp tables.

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If you need help compiling/running with NUnit let me know.

One comment: you have set Use Preload to true in your connection string. Use Extended Types = false; the exception changes to: System.

It's quite straight forward - and works well for the most primitive data types. Loading seems not to be the issue - the conversion from postgres to works fine - but on Update - the exceptions are thrown.

"time with time zone" or xml either a Missing Operator- (xml = text) or an Invalid Cast-Exception occurs. Here the example code, To reproduce the issue - just setup a database with a table - first add only primitive data-type rows (int , uid, string, text ect.) test it - and you'll see - update just works fine.

These method will be invoked automatically by the framework, when change happens.