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Use the comments section to help verify discount policies and/or note senior discounts in your local area.

Related: Tips for Getting the Best Senior Discounts Please understand that discount policies do change.

On July 26, we received authorization to proceed with our final 2017 construction plan from the California Division of Safety of Dams and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).

As you can see, most of these are smaller towns with less than 100k population.

Realistically, the major cities have about 51-55% male population.

We reach out to all the businesses on our list, but some are unresponsive.

As usual, we’ll rely on our community members to provide updates.

(08-18-17) Updates and Stats on Oroville Spillways Construction Work continues on the Lake Oroville spillways as crews pour concrete to create the underground cutoff wall downslope of the emergency spillway, assemble electrical towers to reroute power lines away from the spillway, begin installation of the main spillway’s walls, pour and grade structural concrete, and install more stay-forms for drainage.