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Jacob Mullenax fought in the Civil War, married Mary Ann Cunningham, and then they moved to Missouri with Washington J Mullenax (‘Uncle Wash’) and his wife near their father Solomon Mullenax and his 2nd wife Susan Moats. Marriage to Susan Moats 1847 aft — Age: 37 Pendleton County, VA, USA. Solomon Mullenax married his 2nd wife within months of the death of his 1st wife (probably because he had so many young children) and he and his brother began buying parcels of farm land in Missouri in the 1840s.

He and his 2nd wife Susan Moats moved to Missouri after the outbreak of the Civil War and remained there.

The Via Ferrata was built at Nelson Rocks in 2002 and is the second of this type of climb in America.

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During the search of the Wood Street address, detectives from HCSO seized several computers, computer hard drives and portable electronic storage devices.

The evidence was submitted to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Identification Crime Lab for analysis.

Death 1892 3 Feb — Age: 49 Washburn, Ritchie County, WV, USA Age: 49.

Burial Indian Creek Baptist Cemetery, Washburn, Ritchie County, West Virginia, USA. Parent: Charles William Mullenax 1866 – 1946 Harriet Louvenia Mullenax 1867 – 1955 John Abraham Mullenax 1871 – Rosinia May Mullenax 1872 – 1951 James Allen Mullenax 1875 – 1947 Harlan Barnett Mullenax 1880 – 1954 1833 7 Mar — Age: 23. Residence 1840 1 Jun — Age: 30 Harrison, Virginia, United States.

The detective works cooperatively with the Hocking County Children’s Services.