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Mr Rizieq arriving at the Jakarta police headquarters on Jan 23.

The Islamic Defenders' Front chairman had been jailed twice previously - in 2003 for inciting his followers to violently harass people at nightspots in Jakarta, and in 2008 for attacking a minority group holding a vigil in the capital.

No, the Hispanic person should press #1 for Spanish. I never took one class in Spanish though I have studied at least 7-8 different dialects-mostly ancient Semitic offshoots. I am in America, an English speaking country, surrounded by English speaking people and I will not allow any one culture-many of whom are illegals-to start rearranging the English language, Maybe my name is the rallying point . Oddly enough, when I meet an Hispanic individual with an Hispanic name like Jorge, I would never think of calling him George.

When I call a business, I am told to press #1 for English. I don't speak Spanish and I am at a point where I resent the name "Luis" written on my coffee cup. Probably make the cashier cross out "Luis" and replace it with the name on my birth certificate. But I don't go around telling people to start calling me by my Hebrew name. the much needed lightning rod that can bring about change to take back this country as an English speaking country.

This young man once born in a Jewish hospital in NJ, bar-mitzvahed at age 13 and a strong pro-Zionist has now taken on the name "Luis." All of a sudden I am a Hispanic person.


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    He attended University of California and gained his bachelor’s degree in Economics and Theatre Arts.

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    The two met while recording their new song “Bon Appétit” – and from what we hear they are really going strong.