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This means that the operation from a user interface perspective is now the same across our range, if you have a Minx XI and an 851N for example, the user interface will be consistent across both products. Adding large numbers of tracks (5000 ) to the queue in one go can get very slow.Car Play is something I’ve been following (and using) since it launched it late 2014.

push(function() { var width = window.inner Width || document.document Element.client Width; // TODO: Piers this needs refactoring to auto-inlude the current category as the page type, or homepage if its home.

// A really useful category would be 'staging' if staging too.

Your device will also appear in the Connect list in the Spotify app and can be chosen as an audio output and controlled directly from the Spotify app. streaming services will no longer be available on the unit.

To allow you to benefit from the work done on our new products, we have updated the Queue user interface to that featured on our recently launched CXN and 851N network players.

By moving these functions directly into the unit, we have removed the added layer of complexity of performing these tasks via, and taken the opportunity to add some extra features. have recently announced that they will be discontinuing the streaming service that our network players connect to.