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What happens: Suspect computers appear to have a connection loss. On suspect computer I can ping IP addresses (Internal and external) and host names with responses, which tells me there isn't a DNS issue, even though pages won't load, although a "nslookup" will not return a response.What will resolve this issue: Turning my wi-fi on and off. There's a chance that there could be some signal overlap, could this cause this issue?

They are Po E capable which makes installation a breeze if plugging them into Po E(802.3af) capable switchports.

If you do not have Po E switchports, you will need their power injector which I am using in this blog.

We had the Sonic Point devices set for b/g/n, but have scaled them back to G and have noticed an improvement, but still far from acceptable.

I can walk around the warehouse with my phone and pick up no less than 2 access points anywhere in the building.

Our wireless is extremely frustrating, because it is almost impossible to keep a wireless signal without dropping several times a day, especially on the Motorola scan guns.


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