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At the time of filming she was an apprentice with the San Francisco Ballet, later joining the corps de ballet before her retirement in 2006.

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He was such a force; he was…even at that age a very very powerful, lovely human being.

US: Lastly, are you still able to recite Kat Stratford's emotional poem she recited at the end of the film? You have to clear out space to memorize other lines!

to be analyzed scientifcally and now all of your dreams are coming true! But her wonderful technique has not garnered her any friends! Also rounding out the cast of students are the milquetoast Charlie, who is a ballet dancer and a straight man, Erik O.

So please allow me to scientifically explain why is one of the GREATEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME. FYA follows a very detailed review protocol for our Highly Scientific Analyses* of Teen Films, as already displayed in Posh's review of the seminal 90s classic, , so you know our data is ALWAYS ACCURATE. Look, I don't mind saying that I was a shitty ballet dancer as a child, because my legs were too long for my torso and my neck was too fat and my arms were crap and I also wasn't willing to work at it. Maureen is the American Ballet Academy's premiere student and is always called on to demonstrate in class, because she has wonderful technique.

“I was kind of really lost at that point," Pratt said. “The cast was all really young — like me and Gabrielle Union were the grandmas in the cast because we were in our mid-twenties and the rest of them were literally teenagers,” Pratt recalled of her co-stars Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik, and a then-unknown (at least in America) Heath Ledger.


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