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But the police appear determined to see the case of his alleged sex scandal all the way through to trial – an outcome which would almost certainly ruin the reputation of the man who stood at the forefront of the anti-Ahok movement.” (Rizieq’s tale of love) mysteriously appeared online featuring a collection of supposedly leaked information (including audio recordings, chat logs and photographs) purporting to detail an adulterous affair between Rizieq and a woman named Firza Hussein.

The leader of the hardline group dismissed the information as slanderous lies and An official police investigation into the allegations began after a group called the “Anti-Pornography Student Alliance” (a bit of an oxymoron, we know) filed a criminal report against the people behind the leak for creating and spreading pornography.

Basically, this is an opportunity for novice monks and young monks to practice their English with foreign tourists.

At the same time, foreigners can learn a little about life in a Thai temple and what it’s like to be a Buddhist.

He did not offer up any more details as to the content of the conversations.


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