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I’ve used all of these techniques at one point or another.

No two traders are going to have the same amount of success with the same trading technique.

This optimism, it seems, comes out of the fact that there is no other way around the GST but to accept it. Each product is code specific and we are caught in the middle of old and new stock and might have to bear a loss," said Vikas Lokpal. RJ Deepak, who owns a small non-AC restaurant in central Delhi, said, "Whatever information I have is from the internet and my accountant.

Lokpal, who is still caught in the process of understanding the GST, owns a medical store behind Ram Manohar Lal Hospital in the national capital. But yes, since the tax slab has risen, we'll have to revise our rates and it might become a little more expensive," said Deepak.

Were also a couple of his friends who may or may not have a smartphone, we have ever.