Trina dating young buck

Erica and Bow Wow had a very messy break up which they aired on social media.

Erica is no stranger to dating women, a couple of seasons ago on Love and Hip Hop, she dated Cyn Santana but broke her heart after she began dating Bow Wow. I just can’t justify these two in a real relationship, something fishy about these two, Trina has admitted to being bisexual in the past, allegedly she dated Missy Elliott.

50’s right; owing somebody money fucks you up and makes you say and do dumb things.

Buck freaked out in some interview and said that 50 actually owed him money, which understandably pissed 50 off, and so 50 eventually kicked Buck out of his group. But Buck cried, and that’s all anybody’s going to remember.

In a new interview 50 talks more about the Lil Wayne situation saying “he was helping everyone that was disrespecting me. 50 talked about Weezy and Trina’s relationship saying “the truth is he was actually in love with her. In the new interview 50 talks about the ex-G-Unit member that he kicked out.