Updating interface of windows 8

Microsoft is no stranger to controversial design decisions.

The company’s drastic Metro-tile Windows 8 UI that was introduced back in 2012 received mixed feedback, with the layout proving popular with touchscreen users but clumsy and unintuitive for traditional computer users.

Additionally, using Windows 8 requires a slight learning curve and some change; most people do not like change and are creatures of habit.

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The fact is, many people will be updating their operating systems to Windows 8 later this month and many won’t.

Windows 8 has been the primary focus of many tech blogs for the last few months, and many critics have dubbed Windows 8 as a flop; following Microsoft’s pattern of inconsistency, releasing a quality operating system, then a poor operating system: With the tech critics and many others casting judgment on Windows 8’s new metro interface and other non-traditional features, many consumers may be a bit cautious about making the jump to Windows 8.

I have gotten updates that actually made the desktop worse.

Take AMD SATA Controllers they slow my speeds to SATAII or 3gbs rather than the 6gbs SATAIII, don't know why but they do.

Over the past few months, we’ve covered a significant amount of tips and hints regarding Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Windows 8.