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Most likely go to the task bar and click the battery icon.

It's common to use Access for small, noncritical tasks even if a larger, more robust system is available. If an Access database works its way up to the department or enterprise level, celebrate its triumph instead of trashing its creator.

Occasionally, an Access database grows beyond its original purpose. After all, if the database evolved and grew, your organization is growing, and that's good news for everyone. Administrators, managers, assistants, and clerks use Access to store and analyze data, without any help from IT.

Do you own an ASUS Laptop, and after updating, you found that you cannot control the Brightness of the Screen, and pressing (Fn Brightness Up/Down) does not work anymore?

This Visi How will teach you how to "Fix Lost Brightness Control".

A better approach is to store the images in a dedicated folder and then simply enter the filename/path to the file in the database.


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