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"It's been built with encryption as a primary feature, from the very beginning, as we brought this idea to fruition," Eric Tamura, a manager focusing on file systems at Apple, said at Apple’s WWDC event last summer. That old system “was designed in an era where floppies and hard drives where state of the art,” Tamura said.“Its original design is almost 30 years old at this point.

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And the world has changed since then.” Rather than focusing on the portability of large individual files, the emphasis is placed on quickly reading and writing smaller bits of data, which is required for the operation of smart devices.

“We wanted something that was designed and tuned specifically for Apple products,” he added.

However Google have accepted that people will always want expandable memory, and to try and make things easier in Marshmallow they have introduced something called ‘Adoptable Storage’.

What this does is convert the SD card into an extension of the internal device memory allowing apps and their data to be stored in this extended file system.

For that, you can thank Apple's new file system, called APFS, which replaces the Hierarchical File System that has been used in one form or another for three decades.