Validating a model of chronic illness and family caregiving europe dating betho1977

These results are consistent with the healthy caregiver hypothesis which states that while those older adults who are more likely to be caregivers are healthier to start with, it is the work of caregiving that helps keep them healthier than older adults who are not caregivers.

This model contrasts with the long-held idea that the stress of caregiving results in poorer functioning over time.

This supports existing evidence that caregivers are ‘hidden patients’ at risk of poor health outcomes.

There is ample scope for improving the support available to caregivers, and further research should be undertaken into developing services that are tailored to the requirements of family caregivers of persons with AMD.

This study aims to implement and evaluate an innovative, multi-modal support service programme that aims to empower family caregivers by improving their coping strategies, enhancing hopeful feelings such as self-efficacy and helping them make the most of available sources of social and financial support.


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