Vin diesel dating ronda rousey

The epic fight scene takes place in a billionaire's penthouse in Abu Dhabi—no big deal—and both women give the brawl their all as they claw their way around in gowns, heels and other not-meant-for fighting accessories.But before shooting her scenes, Rousey dished to E! "Every time I'm on a new set I get super nervous," she confessed to us at the movie's premiere Wednesday night. "Even though she has been in the ring with some of the world's toughest fighters, Rousey admitted that this was one of her most painful fights! It turns out their costumes and set surfaces made it a "Heels, designer dresses, marble floors...

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Vin diesel dating ronda rousey

Rousey says at a young age it’s more about having the right attitude to be a fighter even more than the skills.

In Rousey’s Instagram post of her as a young fighter she wrote: Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the demands of the present …

Are men intimidated by you do you think Ronda Rousey: Maybe, but I really wouldn't want to waste any time on a guy that is easily intimidated by me.

Conan: This thing comes off as easily as it went on.

"I'm looking forward to giving her tips." But at an event to promote her fight at UFC 193, Ronda says she really likes what she sees.