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It is based on the concept of a remote framebuffer or RFB.

The protocol simply allows a server to update the framebuffer displayed on a viewer.

Because it works at the framebuffer level it is potentially applicable to all operating systems, windowing systems and applications.

Use cases for this option, could be special native VNC servers that require tailored clients or APPs that was created to handle the VNC client.

Hand Icon: This icon appears when the VNC target screen is larger than the host screen, typically on mobile devices.

For me, I couldn't get the service to start until I flipped Type=forking to Type=simple (I also switched the user from pi to chip). It is actually important who you are logged in as when you first run "/usr/bin/tightvncserver" - It writes into your home directory. @abinning - Could you please update the top post above, as other resources point here.


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