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This example SPD shows the revised changes (highlighted in yellow).Actual changes will vary slightly in specific SPDs given the nature of the procurement and the process.Briefings and others resource materials will be added to this Website as they become available.

Under the new procurement framework, there are four key innovations to help businesses and country clients: The Procurement Framework (Other languages will be added as they become available.) The Regulations provide many choices for Borrowers to design the right approach to market, and specify the rules that must be followed.

Complementing the Regulations are a series of Guidance Notes and also, the Standard Procurement Documents (SPDs), linked below.

Just about every team in your company, from HR to procurement to legal to sales, can become more efficient, get more time back for strategic projects, and improve the relationship with their customers by giving them access to the information they need to help themselves.

Atlassian's own public knowledge base gets 4.6M page views from over 1M users per month, according to Google Analytics.

Each year in August, Australia celebrates National Science Week. The event highlights the contribution of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to the economy.


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