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Such commitment to singleness is remarkable because of its rarity.Despite living in a society that supposedly shed its sexual shackles fifty years ago, we are still extraordinarily traditional.

But Whoopi suffers from that same social disorder that affected Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jackson: self hate.

Once certain black folk achieve a measure of success in the white man’s world, they suddenly forget they are black.

In a nutshell, Scott said that she feels betrayed when black men partner with white women because white women have been placed on pedestals since slavery, while black women were denigrated.

Shepherd said that she understands why this upsets Scott, but that interracial marriage doesn't bother her generally."I do have a problem with black men who will leapfrog over black women to go to another race, where I feel like you don't want me, you will step all over me to go over to this other side," Shepherd said.

The Dish Rag doesn’t normally cover the social lives of octogenarians.