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Henson was born on September 11, 1970 in a poor neighborhood in Washington, D. At the age of four, her dad, Boris Henson, turned violent towards her mom, Bernice.

She and her mom fled for safety, but her dad found them and tried to kidnap her.

Johnson could not control his temper and he punched Henson in the face, so she kicked him out.

In January 2003, Henson received word that Johnson had been murdered at the age of 34. Taraji was in Lawrence, Massachusetts Sunday on the set of her movie, "Proud Mary" ... READ MORE Eva Longoria indirectly sided with Nia Long in the "Empire" feud, declaring her love for the actress. Henson wants it be known -- black women CAN open films in Hollywood ... We got video of Taraji on the set of "Empire" Monday where she was more… Henson's empire is expanding into the Hollywood Hills where she just plunked down $6.4 million for her new secluded home. READ MORE Looks like a Super Bowl champ might be getting Cookie's nookie -- 'cause "Empire" star Taraji P.

While studying acting at Howard University, she became pregnant with Johnson’s baby – he already had two children with other women.


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