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When asked whether or not he loans money to family members, Tyler made it clear he’s not a bank or a welfare office.

While he does have family members he assists financially, he refuses to help anyone who won’t help themselves. None other than the 90’s-Hollywood-princess-turned-“Clueless”-Fox-fired-political-journalist-many-can’t-stand, Stacy Dash.

“We could not find a partner more suitable for the English-language remake of ‘Granny,’ than Tyler Perry Studio,” CJ said in a statement.

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“The unique strength of ‘Granny’ is that it is being remade into two different versions to suit the sentiments of the two (African-American and Hispanic) communities.

Both set a high value on family bonds.” The Chinese adaptation, “20, Once Again! CJ’s Vietnamese version, “Sweet 20,” earned a total of $4.8 million in box office to become the highest-grossing local film of all time in that market.

Katy Perry released her latest track, 'Swish Swish', featuring Nicki Minaj yesterday and anyone who's got even the slightest interest in celebrity gossip (you're in the right place) knew exactly who it was about.

Someone else who knew exactly who the song is about was Jimmy Fallon, who was conveniently interviewing Katy on his talk show, putting him in the right place to address the elephant in the room.

The star As a father, Tyler is going old school with his son.