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Three main characters have died, the fourth is having an abortion in order to prevent the evil conspiracy from using her child to bring forth the apocalypse in a Crapsack World.Nobody smiles, Then you tune in next week, and find out that...

Xkcd formula for dating

The knapsack problem has been studied for more than a century, with early works dating as far back as 1897.

A 1998 study of the Stony Brook University Algorithm Repository showed that, out of 75 algorithmic problems, the knapsack problem was the 18th most popular and the 4th most needed after kd-trees, suffix trees, and the bin packing problem. One early application of knapsack algorithms was in the construction and scoring of tests in which the test-takers have a choice as to which questions they answer.

The story finished by claiming that there needs to be a government research group founded to find a solution.

No matter what you do you will be exposed to this very dangerous chemical every day of your life until you die.

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